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Jul 1, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. most people want to keep a strong monarchies. rereforms say this is just the beginning. >> germany's foreign minister says he will use in germany's chairmanship of the un security council in new york to press for action against syria's brutal repression of protest. germany takes over the rotating chair for the next month and a resolution condemning the violence in syria has already been ppared. there is some concern amongst security council members that a resolution against syria could be the first step toward some type of military intervention. i will have more on germany's security council presidency coming up later. poland has taken over the rotating presidency of the eu for the first time since joining seven years ago. poland has set a wide-ranging goals for the next six months, wanting to introduce a unified energy policy, stimulate the economy, and make food safer within the eu. >> a sword was drawn. it was symbolic. the polish prime minister assumed the mantle of the eu presidency. his predecessor proved controversial. nowow, donald as vowing to make solidarity his goal. he
Jun 30, 2011 6:00pm PDT
the headlines. germany embarked on a new energy era as lawmakers decide to abandon nuclear power. "german banks agreed to share the burden of a second greek hell out. france hands germany a drubbing. -- gererman nks agreed to share the burden of a second greek bailout. >> it is the beginning of the and for nuclear power in germany. the german parliament has approved historic measures that will see all power plants taken offline. -- nuclear power plants taken off line. angela merkel said that the disaster in japan caused her to rethink her stance on nuclear energy. >> chancellor merkel want a clear. the new legislation said that it is annmbitious goal for germany. the country will have to meet its energy needs without nuclear power. the ministers said this is a historic step for germany sending a signal to the world. >> even those abroad who don't agree with this, if anyone can do this, it is the germans. that is the message we're sending today. >> the opposition social democrats backed the nuclear phase-out and leaders poured scorn on the government which only months ago jettisoned the phase-ou
Jul 15, 2011 6:00pm PDT
the truth may never come to light. >> germany and thailand could become embroiled in a dispute by the airplane used by the thailand plant. there were debts are paid by the thailand government. >> this 737 airplane will not be going anywhere anytime soon. german authorities seized the plane on tuesday. administrators say the thailand government has refused to pay its debt to a german construction company. a firm declared bankruptcy in 2005 and sued the thailand government. bangkok was ordered to pay 40 million euros in damages and legal costs. the foreign minister has traveled to berlin for emergency talks. he maintains that the airplane is private property and the seizure is a mistake. german officials say the incident is out of their jurisdiction. >> we must respect the independence of the german legal authorities. as a spokesman for the foreign office and the german government, i cannot comment on the decision to in ponte the plane. >> the row over outstanding debts and a confiscated airplane could escalate into a diplomatic crisis between berlin and bangkok. >> to the tour d
Jul 12, 2011 6:00pm PDT
murdoch and his media empire. germany pushes for a resolution against syria at the u.n. security council in new york. -- prevails in a throughly sprint finish to win his first tour de france. british lawmakers have summoned rupert murdoch and his top executives for questioning the scandal that his on his media outlets, spied on politicians, celebrities, and the victims of crimes. according to police, investigations into those charges are being blocked by his employees. gordon brown has now accused the news managers of hiring criminals to obtain his private information. >> he is what the highest level victims of the hacking scandal. the former prime minister gordon brown. brown has accused the british newspapers of illegally obtaining private information about his family. he alleges the use this information to publish the news that his newborn son was suffering from cystic fibrosis. a new police investigation will ensure that the culprits are punished. >> this looks like yet another example of an appalling invasion of privacy and had been a personal data. my heart goes out to gordon brown
Jul 5, 2011 6:00pm PDT
are responsible for the death of three men. germany's highest court considers whetherth bailout package is legal. and in the women's world cup, england makes it through. ththe cot in the netherlands has ruled that the dutch state is responsible for the d deathof three muslim men during the 1995 massacre.. it opens the way for compensation too the victim's fali. they were in charge of protecting thousands in the area at that time, but they were quickly oveheed >> bosnians boast -- or both lost relatives. welcome to the decision, but it is only one stamp on the pathway to the justice they ultimately seek. >> i am after thekillers of my family that lived in bosnia. one of them even works in the same building that i work. >they were working for the dutch in charge of the united nations safe area. when the bosnian fors ovean the enclave, the forces failed to protect them. they were among the 8000 men and boys killed by bosnian serbs at the time. they were putting them at great risk by turning them over to the forces. the plaintiffs have waited 15 years for the verdict. >> i am really glad. we finally
Jul 7, 2011 6:00pm PDT
>>> hello, and a warm welcome to the "journal" on dw-tv. >> thank you for joining us. >> germany votes to allow the controversy of practice of embryo screening in limited circumstances. the british tabloid "news of the world" shutdown over telephone hacking scandal. and that the final film in the harry potter series. >>> the german parliament has voted to allow a process known as pre-implantation diagnosis under certain circumstances. it gives doctors the right to discard embryos if they show signs of genetic it affects. -- genetic defects. lawmakers agreed to allow limited use of the procedure. >> this person listened keenly to the debate. a gynecologist in berlin, he turned himself in in 2005 after he carried out the procedure which was then banned. a court found in his favor, spurring a big public debate. >> it may prevent suffering in individual cases, but in every single case, it denies a conceived human life the right to live. we should not do that. >> no one takes the decision to have the in vitro fertilization lightly. it is an extremely stressful procedure. both physical
Jul 17, 2011 1:00pm PDT
or the one that carries the baby? in germany, donating eight cells is a legal, but not in the czech republic. >> taking high color and hair color into account, this german couple are purchasing human eggs. they are still undecided about eye color. >> we never actually had the opportunity to choose eye lor. >> if she is suitable, i can reserve her for you right away. >> it sounds like biting children to order. even with their first child, they had no other choice. for years they tried invitro fertilization, spending 70,000 heroes in the process. >> over 10 years we ended up in the czech republic >> finding an egg donor is forbidden in -- czech republic. >> finding a donor is forbidden in germany. being able to choose traits like i color is seen as a natural and opening the door to designer babies. the legal situation forces companies like this to go abroad. the fee is 4500 euros. how long will it take to get pregnant? >> it will basically take about seven weeks. it goes pretty quickly. >> the baby will have another woman's genetic material and the child will ask questions sunday, but she says
Jul 10, 2011 1:00pm PDT
the robberies are also here for safekeeping. last year, germany introduced more stringent rules on the import and export of rhino horns. >> we see that poaching in south africa and other african countries has increased considerably. in turn, that has made conservation efforts a lot more difficult. >> the trade in rhino horn is booming and prices are higher than ever. that makes them one of the most valuable and rarest animals. some species are already facing extinction. >>> you mann gmany it no longer need to feel the draft. the government has abolished military and alternative service, in line with most other european countries. most young men are relieved, but for those with two passports, things are not quite as simple. >> this person has just passed his exams but tomorrow he will be flying to thin lead to begin compulsory military service -- he will be flying to finland. he will be at home six months t its something he wants to do. at he has both german and finnish citizenship. he used to go to school in finland and knows the country well. completing his military service in finland could
Jul 25, 2011 6:00am EDT
of germany in the summer of 1934. >> they are three things i want to ask you about in the book. there is the troopers. they were a group of men who were supposed to be, initially, hitler's selected guard. the best day --the gestapo was an entirely different group. it would be a secret police agency to keep tabs on political opposition and so forth. 1933. >> here is a photograph of a man named william dodds. who is he in your book? >> he became america's first ambassador to not to germany. -- notprior to that, he was a a nazi germany. professor of history at the university of chicago. he was a mild-mannered guy. this photograph became the subject of some arrests in the -- mirth state department where people, senior men, were not married pleased that roosevelt went directly and hired dogs for this position. his dwarfed by a tapestry behind them and by his desk. daughter, martha. what is her role in your book? >> that is not her best shot, i must say. but there's a glance shot in my book. martha was his daughter. half the reason why i did my book was because of martha. when she ar
Jul 20, 2011 6:00pm PDT
leadership is under threat. here is a look at his presence here in germany. >> soccer live on the cable channel, at least for those that are prepared to cough up the cash. this is all that remains of rupert murdoch's empire in germany. it is running at a loss and does not have enough subscribers. in britain, his sky sports holds the rights to most soccer matches. he has not had much success in the economy. he debuted here with a tabloid. it flopped. then he got involved in a television station but they were not profitable and he sold them. his current plight is a new experience. there are calls for him to resign as ceo of news corp., he is holding his ground. >> more business on the way but now back to megan. >> the manhunt for serbia's most wanted a war criminal is over. the former leader goran hadzic is the last key to this to be caught. he is wanted for atrocities in croatia. -- goran hadzic is the last fugitive to be caught. >> the judge has confirmed his identity in the hague. he will be officially charged before extradition to the u.n. war crimes tribunal. what's this arrest bring
Jul 26, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. can israeli musicians ever performed a fog near peace in germany? -- a wagner piece in germany? is he insane? so far, it appears that way. that is what the lawyer for anders breivik says about his client. >> the see of flowers continues to swell. norwegians are still trying to come to terms with their loss. they are still bewildered that one man could cause such destruction. >> i don't think that there is a punishment that matches the cruelty and evil of this man. it is up to the courts to decide. >> this is anders breivik leaving his closed door hearing. he confesses to the killing but he does not consider himself guilty of a crime. his lawyer thinks he is insane. >> he believes that he is in a war. he believes that when you are in war, you can do things like that without being guilty. >> police are combing this farm where anders breivik is believed to have planned his attacks. the government has defended the country's security services. they have been criticized after breivik was flagged for monitoring after he bought chemicals that could have been used in a bomb. people in norway a
Jul 11, 2011 6:00pm PDT
vulnerable to default. >> germany's ratings agency says in june alone, 17,000 spaniards were registered as job seekers in germany. the good institute in spain also reports that the number of applications, the german language courses at its cultural centers, has doubled over the last year. the future with a job in germany is looking more attractive for young spaniards. young people in particular are finding it increasingly difficult to find a job in spain. spain's unemployment rate for the under 25 tops 40%, the highest level in the european union. the rates in portugal and italy also lie well above the eu average of 21%. in germany, the rate for the same age group is just under 10%. during her visit to madrid in february, chancellor merkel specifically invited spanish specialists to come to germany, where the economy is facing a severe shortage of engineers and computer scientists. so it is not surprising that job applications are also coming in from other troubled eurozone countries like portugal. >> as leaders are stepping up efforts to curb the influence of the ratings agencies, bond
Jul 14, 2011 6:00pm PDT
and power plants in and outside germany. more details are expected in the next few months. >> the end of an era in many ways. a german media mogul has died at the age of 84, ending his spectacular rise and fall. he built an empire, only to see it crumble. he was an old fashioned wheeler dealer. he was also the modest son of a wine maker, a devout catholic who tended to avoid the glittering media world. >> these images of his 75th birthday are a rare private glimpse of the magnet. he tended to avoid cameras, having often found himself embroiled in controversy. >> i think you all for coming, my friends. if my enemies were here, we would need a lot more space. >> making enemies was part of the price he paid for his ambition. this was the heart of his media empire. he built the largest film library outside the united states. it all started with one film. in 1956, he bought the rights to "la strada." he went on to make a fortune licensing american films to german television. when germany opened up television in the 80's, he helped start the first commercial broadcaster. at the height of hi
Jul 19, 2011 6:00pm PDT
a military to a civilian government. at bilateral talks here in germany, dmitry medvedev met with angela merkel to make deals for natural gas among other valuable resources. the chancellor said the numerous deals were proof of the intensity of contact between the two countries. >> by the time medvedev was treated to military honors, most of the bargaining was over. these were the 13th annual consultations between leaders of the two countries, along with most of their government ministers. merkel says this is the first step to finding solutions to pressing issues. >> in democracies, we do not talk about things that are working well. we always talk about what is not working. that is how it should be, because time is limited. we have to find solutions. >> both leaders are looking for solutions within the energy sector. as germany plans to phase out nuclear power, it needs to find alternative sources. russian giant gazprom is looking to find ways. they want to have as many sectors as possible. >> both leaders were asked about their current assessment of the debt crisis in the euro zone. our
Jul 28, 2011 6:00pm PDT
of the water -- germany pulls out of the world swimming championships in shanghai. well, the next few hours will be crucial to the solvency of the united states. >> the u.s. house of representatives is expected to vote on a debt reduction bill proposed by the leader of the republicans in the house, john boehner. >> if it passes the house, the bill will go to the senate where democratic leader harry reid has already promised that it will be defeated. >> time is running out for compromise. on august 2, the u.s. treasury says it will not be able to pay its bills anymore. >> ♪ raise the debt ceiling ♪ >> this route intends to inject humor into a grave situation gravethis r -- this rap intends to inject humor into a grave situation. people are free welfare programs for the elderly and poor will be hit hardest. the medicare, social security, medicaid is all the working people have going for them in this country, and we just are not taking another step backward. >> republicans insist they will only agree to raising the debt ceiling if there are massive spending cuts. the house is set to vote o
Jul 18, 2011 6:30pm PDT
of the industry. >> we will stay for a closer look at monday's number is. in germany, the benchmark closed down just over 1.5%. the euro stoxx 50 down at nearly 2% at 2,62. the dow at this hour is trading down, 12,386, and on currency markets, the euro is trading down. despite the ongoing market turbulence, the mood among consumers is looking up. for the first time since the crisis, consumer sentiment in many european nations has actually improved according to a research institute, which adds the economic expectations rose for most countries during the second quarter. >> britons have more faith again in the economic recovery and a belief that a high level of inflation of 4.5% will ease, but consumers are not splashing out on big ticket items. it is a mixture of confidence and caution, mirroring the euro zone. of course, that sentiment is not as high in greece. the same thing goes for france and romania, but it is improving in spain, france, bulgaria, and italy. shoppers are more willing to spend in austria and germany. the german certainly are not letting the euro debt crisis put a damper on th
Jul 10, 2011 7:15pm EDT
of the calgary the british brought all the way from india, the famous lancers from germany -- maybe i could get a glass or a bottle of water? when the germans invaded france 1914, then they did so with eight calvary divisions prepare you could just imagine how little chance and then with the age of modern weaponry. everybody practiced for the great cavalry charges and they anticipated what is white knights in armor with a jousting competition. the idea of war was very close to the day's close aligned to images of sport like this. the first correspondent of the london daily mail was the sport center. of course, when they tried to do the mass of charges they come up against barbwire not to mention the machine good. -- machine again. and as a result of those two weapons of the british writer and a machine gun, the western front where most of the bloodshed took place was essentially frozen in place along that line with more than three years. and barely more than a few miles in each direction. in the entire year 1915 where the allies launched -- launched massive assaults probably altogether 1 millio
Jul 27, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. for more, we talked to someone from the aid organization care germany. he just returned from a refugee camp in kenya. i began by asking him what is most urgently needed. >> this is an emergency situation. we have a massive influx of new arrivals in the camps. first, they need water. they need food. they need sanitation. we need to prevent outbreaks of diarrhea, for example. the second step is what we are currently planning is emergency education, so that children can go to school and do not waste their time, so they can learn something. of course, the biggest problem is that there is basically no perspective for the people living there. the cannot go to kenya. they cannot go to niobe. due to the security situation and their government in somalia, they cannot go back to somalia. they are stuck in the camps for almost more than 20 years. >> this situation sounds much worse in somalia. with the aid flight be enough to help people there? "aid flights will help. that is for sure. the problem is how to target beneficiaries. it is very difficult for a organizations to work in south somalia due to
Jul 4, 2011 6:00pm PDT
in the world cup. study arabia was reported to be buying hundreds of advanced leopard battle tanks from germany. the german government has so fall declined to confirm the deal, but officials are being pressed to reveal the details of the reported sale. this is said to be part of a saudi stimulus package that includes extra reports. -- extra support. >> german news media says 42 leopard tanks have already been delivered to saudi arabia. until recently, germany refused to sell such weaponry to the saudis over concern over the security of israel. >> the tanks have nothing to do with an ethical foriegn policy. it violates a decade of consensus. saudi arabia is in the middle of our regional power shift. we should not be giving out matches their. >> study arabia is in the spotlight after -- saudi arabia is in the spotlight after spending hundreds and thousands of soldiers to suppress of breaks in bahrain this year. >> let me assure you that the negotiations were taken out in a very responsible area. they considered civil concerns as well as economic ones. >> opposition parties are demanding a special
Jul 17, 2011 12:15am EDT
. and meanwhile, he was active in underground activities, he was in, a double agent in the cia of germany, if you want to call it that. he spent a year in america, he went to barcelona, he had a church in london. all these things are crammed in there, and my search for his soul is what held him together. that's obvious that as a christian he was an ordained minister, you naturally look for where the resources of that faith were. and i find that he's held together by promise. the last thing he said as they led him to the gallows was, "this is the end, but for me it's the beginning." and you can read that a lot of ways. you can take a traditional doctrine of the resurrection, you can take it somebody who's fulfilled all he can in his life, and yet he can foresee what's going to happen because everything was unfinished at that time. so i think that was where i most saw his soul. >> one reason, of course, that we write biographies of anyone or anything is that we believe that the impact that that person has had on others has been in some way transformative, the biography of washington, a biography of
Jul 17, 2011 11:15pm EDT
. the nats in a wild one down south. we begin in germany for the world cup final. back in 1999, the u.s. women's world cup team captured the imagination of the country. led by the likes of mia ham and brianna scurry, they captured the cup in dramatic fashion, besting china. fast forward to the current team, led by abbey wambach hoping to follow. youngest player on the u.s. team whacked it into the net. u.s.a. up 1-0. tied at 1, 104 #th minute. off the corner, my goodness, what happened there? the world cup finals decided in a shootout. japan makes two of their first three. japan stuns the u.s. to take home their first u.s. title. >> effortly it wasn't meant to be. we worked so hard. we believed in everyone through everything. the olympics is around the corner. we're excited about that opportunity. hopefully we can qualify and get to london. obviously will hurt for a while, but i'm proud of our team. we never gave up. congratulations to the japan team. i think their country is very proud of them. >>> we have more world cup coverage later in the show, with a look at how one local team f
Jul 8, 2011 6:00pm PDT
in the border region. in germany, opposition has failed. riyad thought to be paying for battle tanks. they argue the tanks could be used against protesters and pointed to saudi arabia's recent military intervention in bahrain. >> the chancellor arrives to cast your vote and listened in on the debate as it went into overtime. the opposition again demanded an explanation for the government decision. the request fell on deaf ears. >> there is no question the government and chancellor should do away with the secrecy and provide information to the bund estag. she should but she does not want to. >> for the second time, the government has shied away from the debate. >> merkel remains adamant and refuses to provide information on the purported sale. the government says human-rights do play a decision in sales, but that strategic interests are also taken into account. even some conservative politicians voiced concerns over the secret to dealmaking. >> we're having the discussion for the second time this week. it clearly shows a lack of transparency. there are few incidents in the house with this is the
Jul 17, 2011 10:00am EDT
's an east german come mew nighs, and the stalinists were running east germany where bonheoffer went to school and studied was one of these headquarters. they used these as a university, and they allowed faculties because the people there were catholic, lutheran, and reformed so they had to rely on what was pushed on them. we visited a theologian, and their daughter was a 14-year-old and she was going to confirmation class. they couldn't suppress the act of worship, but they could keep everything else out. bonheoffer adopts that and says this is to from the church to the world and takes the passages in scripture in which jesus is the figure that takes you out into the world. it was approved by the communism authorities, and then another sample, i won't do many, but shows the variety, one of the great co-editors of the 16-volume series, this is bonheoffer in south africa. the son was a young leader in a movement that helps bring down the regime. they were reading this because they were running from him, how you outlast regimes, and it had enormous impact in that way. the hardest thing
Jul 4, 2011 10:30pm EDT
. the famous luan lancers from germany. maybe i could get a glass of water or a bottle of water or something, if there is one. when the germans invaded france in 1914, the they did so with eight calvary divisions, 40,004 -- horses and you can just imagine how little chance a massive calvary charge had with, you know in the age of modern weaponry. nonetheless everybody practice for the great calvary charges like this british soldier who was drilling here. they anticipated a war that would almost be like knights in armor, like adjusting competition. the idea ideal for -- thanks. the idea of war was very closely allied to images of sport like this. in fact, the first correspondent of the london daily mail sent to the front in 1914 was it sports editor. and of course when they try to do these masses calvary charges they come up against barbed wire, not to mention the machine gun. and of course these ended the days of masses -- massive calvary charges forever. as a result of those two weapons, the barb wire and the machine gun, the western front where most of the bloodshed to waste, was essential
Jul 18, 2011 7:00am EDT
in afghanistan hands over control and is now going to be in charge of the cia. germany wins the women's world cup. it is 7:00 a.m. in washington. midday here in london. this is where the scandal surrounding the news of the world continues. the british prime minister insists that his decision to hire a former executive from the newspaper is quite different. citizens step down after being criticized for employing the newspaper's former deputy editor. richard has the latest developments. >> the country's most senior police officer is the latest and most high-profile casualty of the scandal. he became personally involved after this man was arrested a few days ago. a former editor @ "the news of the world close " -- news of the world close " who went on to work for the police. >> i played no role in the management of that contract. we must have suspected the alleged involvement and let me say unequivocally that i did not and had no reason to do so. >> related to the prime minister is close relationship. speaking in south africa, david cameron rejected suggestions that there was simply a similarity. >>
Jun 30, 2011 7:00pm PDT
of the nuclear accident in japan, germany's lower house of parliament his overwhelmingly agreed to shut down all of the nuclear power plants by 2022. chancellor angela merkel's government has shifted from its earlier policy to extend the lifespan of germany's 17 reactors by an average 12 years. the policy turnaround culminated on thursday when the lower house passed eight bills to phase out all of the reactors by 2012. the bells are expected to win approval by the upper house and be enacted by the end of july with the signature of the president. in germany, nuclear power accounts for 22% of the electricity supplied. to offset the plant closures, the country plans to increase alternative energy sources, including thermal power. the german government plans to raise the ratio of renewable energy from the current 17% to 80% by 2050. switzerland and italy have also decided to phase out nuclear power generation. >>> south korea is demonstrating the power of its nuclear power technology outside of its capital, seoul. some 60 firms and institutions involved in construction, research and development of n
Jul 6, 2011 6:00pm PDT
. in germany, coalition lawmakers point out the concerns for human rights cannot be the only consideration when it comes to arms sales. >> everyone in this parliament knows that saudi arabia is also a regional military power in relationship to iran. so, we will have to carefully weigh 8 different security interest -- a different security interests. >> sources say the u.s. and israel have approved the deal but the german government is not making official comments, invoking a commitment of confidentiality on such matters. >> the europeans are becoming quite fed up with rating agencies lately. >> up an arms. fitch, moody's, s&p, have become bad words. they are coming under increasing scrutiny in europe. the european commission president has condemned a decision by moody's to downgrade portugal's credit rating. the german finance minister has said that he would like to "break the power of rating agencies and limit their influence." recent ratings have put a lien european countries like portugal under pressure. portuguese treasuries went on sale and they reached their highest yields ever. >> the gov
Jul 13, 2011 7:00pm PDT
's world cup in germany after a win. the united states won the other semifinal against france, 3-1. japan scored nine minutes after sweden was allowed a goal. and then the captain netted a goal putting the team in the lead. and then scored four minutes later. that put the national team into the final securing a first medal for the country. japan will have to beat the united states on sunday to win its first ever world cup victory. the united states is gunning for its third title. >> it was a very good game. we hope japan gets the world championship. >> it was fantastic. i have to root for the usa now. yes. but i hope it will disturbance bo -- both teams will have a good game. >> now we go to the latest in business news. >> thank you. let's look at the united states. in testimony before u.s. congress on wednesday the federal reserve chairman said the central bank would be open to new economic stimulus measures if necessary. the u.s. meeting on the economy is held twice a year. ben bernanke said the weaker performance than expected continues in the u.s. they include an expected recovery. he
Jul 5, 2011 11:00pm PDT
it gets uncomfortable for some of the nazis in austria goes to germany and becomes an active s.s. member and is appointed the jewish specialist his big moment comes in march of '38 when the germans go into austria and invade austria. it's a nice invasion from the austrian point of view. they're welcomed quite handey and happenly. and he goes in to organize the deportation of the jews of austria. and within a yeare has managed to encourage a great many of those jews to leave. has stripped them of their wealth and possessions, made money for the s.s. and he has set up the model which would be replicated in one way or other throughout europe during the course of the hocaust for moving... in this case the jews were being pushed out of austria. eventually it was being deported from where they lived to the camps, ghettos into the camps. >> rose: what was the height of his power during the war? >> the height of his power was that he was responsible for the deportation of jews om the therlands, france, belgium, parts of the reich. from greece, from hungary. probably close to one and a half milli
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